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VIPER 3305V 2-Way Responder Car Alarm & Keyless Entry Responder

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General Features:

This is a great 2 way alarm with keyless entry so you can lock and unlock your vehicles doors with a push of a button as long as you currently have power door locks!

Product Features:

Compatible with Viper SmartStart modules

So you can make your vehicle SmartStart-ready. Optional remote start enables easy control of your vehicle at a distance.

1,500' range

For clear signal transfer.

Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor

Detects impacts to your vehicle.

Neo Revenger siren

Sounds a WarnAway chirp when a light blow is detected or a 120dB 6-tone sequence for heavier impact for a clearly audible alert.

Failsafe starter kill

Immobilizes your vehicle to help prevent hotwiring.

Anticarjacking (VRS) technology

Allows you to remotely activate a loud siren and flashing lights, as well as turn on starter kill when your vehicle's ignition has been turned off.

Clone-Safe Code-Hopping

With 66-bit encryption helps prevent code grabbing.

Keyless entry and trunk pop

Let you open your vehicle's doors or trunk with the push of a button.

Blue LED status indicator

For at-a-glance information.

2 auxiliary channels

Provide additional remote operation flexibility (additional fees may apply).

2-way LCD and 1-way 5-button remotes

Enable simple control.