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JUSTZERO Flavor Pop. Flavored Mouth tips. Tobacco & Nicotine Free. 10 Packs. 4 Per Pack. 16 Flavor Options

JUSTZERO flavor pop is the alternative in adding flavors to your flavored or unflavored vape pods or disposable bar/ stik. Mix and match Justzero with your favorite flavors to create a unique blend, or add some flavor to your unflavored pods only when you want it. No need to buy new expensive pods or devices when you can easily add flavor in a snap. The Justzero mouthpiece has a small cotton tube with a flavor capsule inside, to activate the flavor simply squeeze the tip of the mouth piece until you hear a small popping sound, this indicates that the flavor has been activated, simply slide onto your device and enjoy. Each mouth tip is long lasting and very strong flavored. Enjoy all flavors anywhere anytime. Each display has 10 packs, each pack has 4 disposable flavored mouth tips. This item contains zero nicotine and zero tobacco making it legal in all states.