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  • BOX of Hemp Wraps

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    • THIS IS A BOX OF 15 POUCHES. 5 BLUNT WRAPS PER POUCH. 75 WRAPS TOTAL.Our Hemp Wraps hold up to 2 grams of herbs.
    • Endo 5 Hemp Wraps: Is an all-natural hemp wrap.
    • Natural Materials: Endo uses German organic hemp, the perfect material for filtering smoke. The hemp is fibrous, so the smoke must work its way through. After inhaling, you'll receive a cool inhale rather than hot ash. The tight woven material also prohibits any un-smokeable pieces from getting through, keeping each inhale clean down to the very last one.
    • What do You get? Four Endo Hmep Wrap Cones in each pack, there are 15 packs in each box, a total of 60 hemp wrap cones.