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Chevrolet Chevy Elite Seat Covers Black Synthetic Leather Side Air bag Ready


General Features:

Item Description:

  • Set of 2 Authentic Chevy Elite Front Seat Covers (2 Seat Covers & 2 Head Rest Covers)
  • Official Plasticolor Licensed Product
  • Color: Black with YELLOW CHEVY logo
  • Material: Black Synthetic Leather
  • Design to fit low back (bucket seats) that have detachable headrests
  • Universal fit to all CHEVY cars/trucks/vans/suv's with DETACHABLE HEADRESTS
  • Comes with s-hooks to provide a smooth stretched fit seat cover
  • Sideless seat covers (side air bag ready)
  • Cargo pocket on the back side (look at pictures above)
  • Does not have bad odor under hot conditions (material is cured)
  • Very simple to clean (machine cold washable, air dry)
  • Installation instruction are included
  • Seat covers are a must have to protect your seats + it will give you a fantastic oem look