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Blink Torch Camo Design Item 820 - (12 Count Display)

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General Features:

Blink torch lighter is as safe as a butane torch flame lighter can be. First of all, the lighter features an ergonomic grip that’ll keep it in your hands even if you’re ripped. Second of all, it’s got a valve that lets you control the size of the flame blasting from its nozzle so you never have an out-of-control inferno on your hands. With its easy adjustment lever, it's easy to create a perfect flame every time. It is advisable to keep the lighter lit no longer than 30 seconds, in order to prolong its lifespan. Package includes 12 Lighters


• 12 Count Display
• The torch has adjustable Flame
• The torch has featured a Flame lock
• Butane Refillable
• Push button igniter
• 4 different Camouflage Designs
• The torch measures 4.5 Inches tall