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California Scents’ Organic - The Power to Freshen Naturally ICE


Introducing California Scents’ newest line of long-lasting air fresheners: Organic.  Organic contains 100% organic fragrance oils, providing maximum strength air freshening for up to 60 days.  Made in the USA, Organic utilizes our biodegradable fiber pad technology and is formulated to release consistent amounts of fragrance, without the worry of spills.

The Organic product packaging features a colorful matching label and outer sleeve design.  This new addition to the California Scents family delivers high impact in a small footprint, creating a host of flexible opportunities for merchandising. The introduction of Organic continues the company’s 20 year tradition of delivering convenient, powerful yet earth-friendly air freshening solutions to the marketplace.

Organic air fresheners are currently available and ready to ship in seven fragrances:

  • Ice

About California Scents

California Scents is a manufacturer of high quality air freshening products and has provided consumers with long-lasting fresh scents from exciting and eco-friendly products since 1993.  California Scents products are available at major retailers throughout North America and are also available in over 100 countries around the world through retailers and authorized distributors.